India is today on the threshold of becoming a global power. The position brings in its wake formidable challenges to the  Nations security and integrity both territorial and civilisational. The website is a think tank for peace and conflict studies in the context of Indian defence and security. It core group comprises of a group of journalists and defence scholars/analysts whose primary concern is to create awareness about India’s security concerns. The intention is to identify sensitive security issues, both regional and global, analyse the same and provide creative inputs with respect to their impact on India.

The methodology being followed is simple. The current security environment is analysed and articles written by eminent scholars on such current subjects are placed in relevant links of the website. This facilitates the visitor in understanding the issue in the right perspective and also read related matter. It is emphasised that the views offered by different scholars are entirely their own and they are not motivated by this website in any manner. These articles are also published in many newspapers both English and vernacular being published at both the regional and national level. The website provides the benefit of reading them in tandem and thus obtaining diverse opinion concurrently.

 The Objective

The objective of the website is as follows :-

  • Disseminate independent and non partisan information that can educated the reader about the current state of the national security.
  • Influence the formulation of policy that would support the Nation’s aspiration of being positioned as a global power.

 Areas of Interest

All current security related issues fall within the ambit of the websites areas of interest. Some significant aspects that will be given special attention are as follows :-

 General Topics

  • Defence environment and military preparedness.  
  • Terrorism and Insurgency.
  • Internal security.
  • Asymmetric warfare.
  • Global balance of power.

 Regions of Interest


  • Terrorism and Insurgency afflicted areas like J&K and the North East.
  • Region witnessing proliferation of extremist ideologies like Naxalism and fundamentalist religious leanings particularly replica rolex in Central India.


  • Littoral States, (Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma and Sri Lanka).
  • Europe and America.
  • South and East Asia.
  • Russia and Central Asian Republics.

 Join defenceinfo.com

The website would be happy to empanel defence journalist and scholars of repute who would like to contribute to the cause of national security on a voluntary non-profit basis. Members will be listed into a club that shares defence related news and perceptions. E-mails on defence alerts will be sent immediately on receipt of information about a happening.