Dare to Dream Big…..

Book Review by Jaibans Singh

Dare to dream big...Leadership is an enigma; yet it is widely (and correctly) perceived as an art. Leadership, however, can be acquired by proper training and application.

The value of leadership to the new world cannot be overemphasized. From the smallest enterprise to the large multi-national corporations and of course the military structures, it is leadership that has a dominant role to play.

Dare to dream big…., A book on leadership by Lt General (Retired) Sanjeev Madhok is all about leadership. The author has limited its application to the military professional. The content, however, holds good for all areas where leadership skills are applied.

The first impression that comes by is the simplicity and honesty with which the author has addressed the subject. His writing clearly indicates his desire to give to the young readers, and budding leaders, an insight to the nuances of leadership.

Devoid of high sounding jargon, the book is focused on practical aspects to which the reader can easily relate. On many occasions, while going through the book, the reader will say, “Yes, this is what I do.” Such a thought is, by itself, a harbinger of, “I think I can do this also.”

The emphasis on the relationship between leadership and management combined with the chapter wise treatment to “growth” are the highlights of the book.

A clear message that comes by is that building of personality and leadership skills is an ongoing process. Every higher stage of responsibility requires nurturing of a different set of skills while retaining the core.

The author has, very rightly, paid a lot of attention to transformational leadership. In today’s world this is a key result area. A leader who cannot transform and cannot innovate will be left behind in a highly competitive and vibrant environment.  The focus on creativity and innovation is very necessary and apt.

Another important aspect lucidly addressed is the need to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Leaders of today are finding it more and more difficult to maintain such a balance, an awareness of the necessity would generate the interest to take affirmative action in this regard.

The book, spread over three main chapters and interspersed with some inspirational quotes from towering personalities, is a must read for all budding leaders in the military and outside of it. A more detailed version sometime in the future would not be a bad idea at all.

Jaibans Singh
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Jaibans Singh is a Delhi based analyst of defence and security affairs specialising in J&K and Pakistan. He is Post graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from Punjabi University with a Gold Medal. His areas of interest are Analysing defence and security aspects which impact national security, sharing views in reputed think tanks like CLAWS and CENJOWS of which he is a member, providing consutancy to defence based visual media projects of noted channels like DD and National Geographic and other freelance defence related work.

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