Mad Handle used to be the shoe introduced by Adidas in 2001. It was once known as McGrady's feet. Now a brand new middle end basketball shoe is used again. The shoe upper is designed by Rose 773, but the Sprint Web technology has been cancelled due to location reasons. The middle sole and sole are designed by adiZero Shadow, which has become the new middle end basketball shoes after the arrangement and combination. To ensure the light quality and pay attention to the actual combat, is a very cost-effective real combat basketball shoes. (Sports Sohu Jude / photo) (Editor: Chang fan) The color reproduction of Jordan high school, Laney high school Air Jordan 14 color Lanny landing Low low shoes, Ferrari sports car styling as the prototype, the blue black yellow collocation in the bottom of the shoe body white dress brings Lanny full of visual impact. cheap jordan shoes for men How to buy the the finale of the drama staged this month this spring and summer streets once again staged a drama activity, refreshing eye-catching white shoes again to conquer the audience, become a beautiful scenery in the streets and lanes. and one of the most popular, this is the end of the month on Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Cream White ""! will be on sale in April 29th of the "white shoe" extraordinary identity! As the only white pair of Yeezy family, so far, it has not only the comfort of Primeknit + Boost, but also the pierce of pure white from beginning to end, which is the most brilliant high-energy release in the street. the scarlet letter matching the current market price at $3700 ~ $4500. on the same day, the spot market price should be maintained at a level of about $4500., like # # preference Nike releases the first Li Na series "I've alway Retro jordans for sale s been very stubborn and disobedient, didn't learn to do it until now, but luckily became the look of his appreciation. " - Li Na she is the representative of Chinese women's tennis, a dazzling sports star, but she is Li Na himself. Whether it is with the much anticipated pressure, still face the challenges and difficulties of the inner self, she has done is always ahead, go all out, clear spirit and firm self grasp today, the one and only Li Na, has also become a new generation of women to make and follow the spirit of the idol. in March 2017, Nike will release the Li Na series and pay tribute to the spirit of Li Na's spirit of "insisting on self, full of fighting and never going back to fear." This is the first time Nike has published a series of exclusive clothing for Chinese women athletes, which also unveiled a new chapter of Nike and L cheap jordans for sale mens i Na. Through the birth of the Li Na series, Nike hopes to inspire more new generation of young women to participate in sports, bravely challenge themselves, and live to become "what they want". The 2017 spring and summer Li Na series includes clothing products for women's fitness and women's sports life style. Li Na, vice president of Nike group / general manager Dong Wei and Li Na, unveiled the Li Na series "Na" is the only Li Na tells us from his experience that the way to success is not only the way that others walk, but also needs not to force himself to fall into the rules and regulations, or to bear others' expectations of you. Everyone can have the life they want, some people hate our stubbornness, some question our insistence, it doesn't matter. Because what is important is not what you look like in the eyes of others, but what you wa cheap foamposites nt to be in your own heart. No need to go too fast, as long as every step is resolute and solid, maybe walking along, you become the way you want to be, the unique and Na like woman. , like # # preference your life is only once, the most beautiful thing is the unknown. Listen to your deep voice, even if you are weak, do not deny your dreams, and compromise is an excuse for not loving enough before you do your best. You may have heard too many stories about life's counterattack. They may have their own advantages, but they all insist on and respect their inner voice and focus on their love. Millennial women know more about what they want, their persistence and perseverance prove to be themselves and go forward to their love. "I've been trying to make the best of myself, and I have become increasingly aware that the greatest happiness in life is t Cheap air jordans for sale o challenge myself and overcome myself. Even if it is a failure, it is also a kind of progress. The so-called 'effort' is never done in a warm and easy field. Lin birthday has just passed, and will soon be in the city of angels launched a new career in the page, and previous feet 2 low boots Adidas Crazyquick is by him in the race debut, and only by Jeremy Lin a person wearing show attaches great importance to the brand of his, and is designed to meet a pair of Taiwan market works and classical ruddy and low cylinder design make it since the launch of maintaining a certain popularity, so Xiaobian curious wear feeling, recently after the start let it jump the queue boarded the first test list, and we share this pair of shoes on the court's performance. tester basic information height: 169 cm weight: 65 kg test site: indoor wood floor / PU outdoor stadi Retro jordans for sale um (Longmen junior high) / cement user external field (new bridge) Crazyquick adidas 2 Low focus on the performance of a lot of adidas shoes have sprint web vamp, this is basically the adidas for mining without seam hot melt technology to link the upper collectively, in the Crazyquick 2 low is precision engagement of the two kinds of synthetic leather upper with mesh material, and through the redesign of TPU configured to shoe body strength is increased, and reduce weight and improve support, make double foot is firmly fixed in the same position, in the game at all times to the brain in the planning of the action to achieve the perfect, at any time to change the direction or rapid acceleration always wants to offer a choice of player full range, outside the original swift adds flexibility. It is not so much to achieve the integration of shoes, it is cheap jordans for sale better to say because of the sense of the upper cover and the special design of the outer soles of the shoes as if the extension of the feet. equipped with tech fit of basketball shoes, look carefully will find the shoe body many parts are integral forming elastic fabric, and tech fit upper while providing transverse direction traction and stretching, create flexible full of comfortable wearing feeling and not excessive deformation, and give the lateral movement of the extension traction required coating sense, and 2 low Crazyquick mainly used in tongue, instep to relieve the compression caused by the burden. Flip ankle TPU skeleton is Adidas basketball in high order styles standard equipped with traditional but solid patterns provide feet from rollover to help the wearer away from basketball to the most common sports injury, at the same time, the t Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping hree line standard extension to heel in the basolateral and make to move and at the same time, still keep the good stability of the sense collocation outsole mentioned later joined the many considerations, the in cylinder low shoes Crazyquick low wear count is have a very good sense of stability. To the on the outer bottom is Crazyquick series of soul. Although there is no outflow Crazyquick 3 related information, but personal motives to quick zone 〉The K-Swiss Si-18 International OG, which debuted in 1989, uses the SI-18 shock system to improve the comfort of tennis, and was chosen as' Shoe of the Year 'in 1993. A sign for the four Grand Slam Tennis salute: Australia, France, Wimbledon and the American flag. K-Swiss Si-18 International OG Retro is currently in Taipei Sogo A11 limited and Xinyi Chung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 36 double sales, the Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping price of 3280 yuan. source: Sneakerfiles / K-SwissThis pair of mainly in red Nike Kobe 9 Elite for the first time exposure, once considered the "Christmas" version, but long ago according to network news pointed out that this is actually called "Poker Ace" color, the design is based on the spirit of induction in poker ace Ace, to symbolize the soul Kobe Bryant is an integral part of the team. source: @zsneakerheadzadidas EQT Elevation Retro is about to return to the embrace of the ankle and retain the original tongue development effect but patterns to numbers 8 and Adidas logo. Even though Feet You Wear technology is no longer here, I think this one will still catch many people's memories, so please keep an eye on our reports. source: solecollectorThe Olympic closely interlocking rings not only symbolizes the five continents (Europe, Asia, cheap jordans online Africa, America and Oceania) together, I also hope that from all over the world and gathered the athletes in this event to fair competition and friendly spirit, in the Olympic Games is the amount of each other. With four years once the Olympic boom, five color sports brand Adidas will represent the Olympic emblem injection in their own classic shoes Crazy 8, interlaced color not only highlight the original conspicuous shoes streamline possessed by the sense also outlines the extremely rich layers of leather. source: Sole Collector earlier you brought a shoe prospecting related news New York mighty shoes Ewing 33 Hi engraved listed, one of the shops and is also available in New York Manhattan Kith Ewing, shoe fans and fans to personally greet and on-site support, ADO, take a look at some pictures on site. source: Ronnie FiegCoca-Cola and Adidas Climacool 1 from the beginning of March this year signed a topic full of history and legend through many campaigns and shoes itself is to make this pair of shoes is almost to the point of sale momentum in 2002 for the first time racing together bridle to bridle. After the red color after the debut, this time on white, and black, the color of this two is not difficult and Coca-Cola link, aluminum bottle beverage or the color itself, let this pair of joint has a higher degree of completion, not to mention the shoe pad and heel introduced before the logo and trademark. will also be on sale in Caliroots, a foreign store, in June 2nd. Apart from the features of the shoes themselves, did the participants notice the shoebox? Xiao Bian personally feel that the golden shoebox does not lose sight of the shoe itself, so the whole joint can be renewed again, and the friends who missed it at that time should take advantage of it! source: Caliroots, following the "Rose Gold" introduced to you recently, Asics continues to select Gel-Lyte III as another corner of the series and will be sold on the same day. The shoe body also uses touch more smooth suede fabric as the main material, embossed font the heel is rose gold embellishment, Xiao Bian think white version less than previously dark style, delicate and elegant atmosphere pervaded the whole. source: EU KICKSJordan Future has published a short period of four months but has sold many color (and then there..), recently Jordan Future will launch a new version, the woven shoe body replaced with similar nylon cloth fabric, one-piece vamp more in the future, the first all black color also have 3M reflective effect, produce different visual effect by light reflection. Europe will be on sale in July 5th, the United States is expected to be listed in August 23rd, model: 656503-011. source: The, Sole, SupplierWhen the Air Jordan 4 in PlayStation 4 will be how? Online today out of a suspected air jordan 4 Playstation 4 version, shoes with a black form, tongue and heel position printed on behalf of the Sony Playstation 4 elements. In addition, followed by the bottom position is also loaded a USB socket design is novel. It is not clear that this version is not the official launch or personal customization. attention more sneakers related information, as in the slam dunk, welcomed the public subscription number, micro channel search DUNKHOME and subscribe to the surprise and daily guess shoes to play the game, beauty and your various interactive Oh! Micro-blog search dunk home, understand the latest information.